About Us

Southern African Christian Initiative

Organizational Background 

The Southern African Christian Initiative, SACHI is a fast growing regional (SADC) NGO in African continent committed in strengthening socio-economic and cultural rights through advocacy campaigns and capacity building programs and, by effecting policy space and open societies in SADC region.  

SACHI was established in 2007 and registered in 2012 asAn Incorporated Regional (SADC) NGO Not for GainUnder Section 21,Reg No: 21/2012/1049 with a mandate to do advocacy work on socio-economic and cultural rights in SADC region. It prides in bringing churches, communities, CBOs and CSOs together on national and regional issues by creating a direct platform and deliberate, dialogue between and among churches, religion and government / states on social issues affecting the SADC region. SACHI is an NGO that aims to assist Christians and non- Christian communities realize Christian values, such as non-violence, unconditional love, mutual respect, forgiveness and reconciliation, regardless of their creed, race, ethnic origin, social and political affiliation and nationality through their leaders.

 However, SACHI believes that social and religious tolerance, unity and reconciliation, peace and economic progress cannot work successfully and all alone without God’s blessing through the involvement of His people for a peaceful and a vibrant democratic society. 

Vision: Advocacy for social transformation, good governance and prosperity. 

Mission: Empower Christians and non-Christians to participate in the public arena for social, economic, and political advancement. 

Core role: SACHI advocates for social and political development, democracy and governance, social and economic justice, peace and justice, religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue, unity and reconciliation and issues that affect the entire Southern African region. SACHI mainly focus on the following key operational thematic areas:

- Religious Tolerance & Inter-faith Dialogue
- Peace & Justice
- Social & Economic Justice
- Democracy & Governance
- Unity & Reconciliation
Values: a) – Diversity; b) – Inclusive; c) – Unconditional love; d) – Forgiveness; e) – Mutual respect. 

Strategic Thrust: SACHI excels in the following: 

1 - Capacity building: To continuously build skills and capacity of leaders of various stakeholders such as CBOs, IFOs, FBO, CSOs, etc. in order to continuously foster a conducive environment for tolerance, unconditional love, forgiveness and mutual respect. 

2 - Information Generation & Sharing and Management: SACHI will proactively search for information and data on critical social issues, including research and publication of such information. The information will be shared with stakeholders and development partners. SACHI will facilitate information exchange and cross-pollination of ideas so as to facilitate learning, growth and informed decision-making by stakeholders. 

3 - Building of Partnerships and Networks: SACHI will spearhead the building of information sharing networks among Christian organizations and non-Christian organization in Southern Arica. 

4 - Advocacy: SACHI believes in inclusive robust debate and dialogue. Advocacy is a critical tool for promoting socio-economic development and participation of people in advocating for their own issues.

Rev. Canon Fr. Emmanuel Chikoya,

Country Focal Point & General Secretary: Council of Churches of Zambia, CCZ.

Mr. Jackson Mealundange

Board Member

Mr. Udi Nakamhela

Communication and Media Officer

Prof. Basilius M. Kadera

UNAM & Board Member

Mr. Andeeas E. Peltzer

Volunteer and Finance, Germany

Mr. Miguel Gomes Antonio

Founder & Executive Director

Br. Paul O. Onyisi

CMM: Kenya. R. Catholic Major Seminary in Namibia in and Treasurer of the Board

Rev. Linea P. Haufiku

Regions Focal Point,
North of Namibia

Ps. Edwin Nakare

Focal Point
Kavango Region

Rev. Dr. Ngeno Z. Nakamhela

Former General Secretary of CCN and Board Chairperson, Namibia

Mr. Gerhard Crafford

IT Manager